August 6, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-08-06
  • 84

1. 10 preliminary national standards related to smart manufacturing developed by the technical committee of'Cyber ​​Physical Systems' were approved for the first time in Russia, which is expected to contribute to the implementation of effective digital technologies in the Russian industry, development of high-quality independent solutions, and guaranteeing technology compatibility. 

*Source: Russian Venture Foundation



2. The Committee of the Government of Digital Development approved the roadmap for the development of “quantum computing” in the high-tech sector developed by Rosatom as part of the implementation of the national “digital technology” development project. The roadmap covers quantum computing research and engineering problem solving, infrastructure infrastructure construction, training programs, and consortiums with industrial partners.

*Source: RIA



3. Scientists at Skoltech and Saratov National University have developed and patented a new method of delivering inorganic nanoparticles and organic molecules to micron-sized porous particles, improving the efficiency of targeted drug delivery, and improving drug delivery systems and sensors. 

*Source: Skoltech



4. SKoltech's Energy Science and Technology Center has developed and patented a method to make a unique carbon coating with a controlled thickness, and the use of this technology can improve the functional properties of lithium and sodium ion battery active materials.

*Source: Skoltech



5. In order to develop a more effective test method for tick-borne encephalitis, the Russian Academy of Sciences Siberia Branch Krasnoyarsk Science Center developed luciferase from the crustacean Metridia longa with the smallest luminescent molecule in the world as a bioluminescent protein. It will be possible to perform about 100,000 accurate tests

*Source: TASS



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