August 11, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-08-11
  • 68

1. Cardiologists at the Kuzvas Science Center are in the final stage of developing a bioprosthesis for heart valves, and the new product is designed for reoperation of high-risk patients in the form of a prosthesis inserted into another prosthesis. Explained to minimize postoperative complications

*Source: Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education



2. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia allotted funds to 111 scientific research institutes to improve research equipment as part of the implementation of the national'science' project, and NTEGRA Spectra II (generating materials for machinery, aviation, shipbuilding), Ntegra Prima II (Atomic force microscope), Japan's Nikon Eclipse (scanning microscope), etc.

*Source: Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education



3. Aryol National University Biomedical Photonic Center is currently working on a project to improve laparoscopic examination, and by incorporating biophotonic methods into standard laparoscopic surgical equipment, the problem of insufficient information on physiological phenomena occurring during general examinations can be solved. Expected

*Source: Russian Science Foundation



4. Skoltech is preparing for the start of an energy transition initiative, and plans to conduct research on the alternative of fossil fuels to hydrogen energy in consideration of global warming. Officials predict that this initiative will enable Skoltech to become a major academic partner for Europe's largest energy company.

*Source: Skolkovo Foundation



5. Scientists at the National University of Nizhny Novgorod built an optical terahertz transducer consisting of a 30-50 micron thin lithium niobate crystal in a sandwich structure between two silicon prisms. Terahertz radiation penetrates some materials and is not harmful to the body unlike X-rays, so it is used for detection of objects such as metals, ceramics, and plastics through security and scanning.

*Source: Scientific Russia



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