August 12, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-08-12
  • 65

1. The Skolkovo Foundation has conducted an online roadshow with Asian countries such as Korea, China, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc. through an online business mission for the past three and a half months, and announced the main results. In Korea, Haga decided to distribute the products of Sensortech, a company in Skolkovo, and LG is planning to introduce an artificial intelligence platform for Smart Engines.

*Source: Skolkovo Foundation



2. Scientists from the E.N. Mesahlkin National Medical Research Center and the Institute of Chemical Biology and Basic Medicine of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed a vascular stent coating for effective drug delivery. Scientists explain that when using the new technology, blood flow increases by only about 1.3 times over three months, then stabilizes, and the rate of drug release decreases, reducing the risk of overdose.

*Source: TASS



3. Scientists at the National University of Science and Technology (MISiS) develop a new material for mechanical engineering with silicon carbide ceramic made of crystal and quartz sand. Copper material can easily replace alloys containing cobalt, nickel, and chromium, and can increase engine power and efficiency when used in manufacturing internal combustion engine parts for equipment such as automobiles and aircraft.

*Source: RIA



4. Russian molecular biologists compared the DNA of about 200 bacterial strains with abnormally short genomes to identify key cellular components for the function of ribosomes, which are the major components of cells responsible for protein production.

*Source: TASS



5. Chemists at Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology made carbon adsorbents by burning a mixture of wood and plastic after deoxygenation. Commercial analogs absorb 200 mg of toxic substances, whereas these adsorbents absorb 322 mg of substances and compared with conventional analogs. 

*Source: Indicator



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