August 13, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-08-13
  • 110

1. Scientists at the Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, the Russian Academy of Sciences, have developed customized implants for orthopedic and dental applications that have lowered the bioceramic sintering temperature and applied 3D technology. 

*Source: Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education



2. Scientists in Russia have studied the linear defect motion of copper and nickel alloys and found that it is possible to both reduce or increase the rate of dislocation motion in the process of hardening copper crystals and metal solid solutions of nickel. 

*Source: Russian Science Foundation



3. The Skolkovo Foundation announced that the Duma, an online conference on the digital sandbox, adopted the “Act on the Experimental Legal System in the Field of Digital Innovation in Russia” on July 22 and will take effect within 180 days of the official announcement. In addition, it is expected that content related to the digital sandbox will help in the development of drones and telemedicine services.

*Source: Skolkovo Foundation



4. The Far East Advanced Technology Development Foundation plans to hold a Far East advanced technology contest with the Far East and Arctic Development Departments. Technology companies with a total revenue of more than 30 million over the past 12 months can participate, selection of promising technology companies will be in five areas: IT, energy, medical and biotechnology (including agriculture), industry, and educational technology

*Source: Russian Venture Foundation



5. Skolkovo is planning to introduce an environmental accelerator for the first time in Russia, and will mainly support the development of technologies related to the ecosystem, such as technologies related to waste treatment in the petroleum gas, petrochemical and metallurgical industries. 

*Source: Skolkovo Foundation



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