August 14, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-08-14
  • 105

1. The first national standard for smart cities is approved in Russia. This standard was developed by the Russian Venture Foundation-based NTI Cyber ​​Physics Technology System Technical Committee and contains content to increase the efficiency of projects in the field of urban facility information and automation and to simplify the introduction of new digital technologies in urban environments.

*Source: Russian Venture Foundation



2. The'Rosneft National Science Education Center' will be newly established at Ufa National Petroleum Institute of Technology, and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia and the government of the Republic of Bashkortostan will participate to reorganize the University's Department of Mining and Petroleum, remodel materials and technology infrastructure, and explore and drill. 15 education clusters including 14 laboratories in the field will be created.

*Source: Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education



3. Materials scientists at Moscow State University discovered four new compounds formed in the early stages of crystallization through a study on the formation of the light-absorbing layer of Pevorskite solar cells. Pevorskite solar cell is a next-generation device that converts solar energy into electricity. It has an efficiency of over 25% and far exceeds the efficiency of polycrystalline silicon-based solar cells that are widely used today.

*Source: Russian Science Foundation



4. Scientists at Far Eastern Federal University have developed an implantable hydrogel based on plant polysaccharide (pectin), and the resulting gel restores nerve tissue in neurodegenerative diseases and repairs brain or tissues and organs after removal of malignant tumors.

*Source: RIA



5. Russian scientists have developed a compact hydraulic system that can be used to generate electricity in remote areas such as the Arctic. The device is composed of a turbine with a built-in pump, so it can be operated according to the free flow of the river, and it can be used for making small hydro power plants and irrigation.

*Source: TASS



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