August 17, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-08-17
  • 96

1. A bioactive polymer-ceramic composite for fixing implants and restoring bone defects in the skull was developed by an international group of materials scientists from the Center for Composite Materials of NUST MISIS. An innovative composition of material based on bioceramic eggshell provides increased strength and biointegration of implants. 


2. The first large-scale project of the design office, which was opened at the Korolev Samara University, will be the development of a gas generator for efficient aircraft engines. It is planned that work on this project will be carried out over the next three years. Future plans are the development of small-sized gas turbine and piston aircraft engines that can be used on light aircraft, drones and other aircraft, both civil and military.


3. The equipment will be updated at Russia's largest large azimuth telescope(BTA), which is located at the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Karachay-Cherkessia, as part of the Nauka national project. Both new equipment for observations and some parts of the telescopes will be upgraded. BTA will continue to update the fleet of CCD systems - devices by which the observed light is recorded: images or spectra.


4. The Skolkovo Foundation and the Industry Accelerator of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom (TVEL-KTs JSC) held a joint webinar in support of the second admission to the business accelerator. The result of the latest industry accelerator has been presented: the total volume of customer agreements amounted to 3 billion rubles, more than 200 million rubles were saved on prototyping, 7 projects were successfully integrated into the company, and the sales volume during the acceleration amounted to 300 million rubles.


5. Scientists from the National Research Nizhny Novgorod State University have created a sandwich structure from lithium niobate and silicon wafers. It is capable of converting pulses from a titanium-sapphire laser into terahertz radiation with an efficiency of 0.35%.


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